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Complete Fire Sprinkler System Design

Having your Fire Sprinkler System designed by Fog City can alleviate some of the typical headaches a project entails. Fog City can design the system type and components, create system concept riser diagram layout & deliver a full system design on plans ready for the permitting process. We'll also supply you with a written estimate for installation of your system that you can take to market and get competitive bids with, or simply use to better understand the costs of your upcoming project. 

Fire Sprinkler System Installation

We can install your new Fire Sprinkler system at your home or business, even if we didn't design it! We'll install your system using concealed heads or glass bulbs & we offer upright as well as sidewall installation. We install all systems to current code & will facilitate your inspection process with the city. Our installers have over 20+ years of experience installing residential & commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems. 

Fire Sprinkler System Installed
Installed cementicsious Fireproofing


Fog City can help you navigate the process from concept to permit. Send us your structural & lighting plans and let us design your system with joist bays in mind, reducing the risk of having a sprinkler head in an undesirable location & saving you time & money by knowing where the whole system will be installed prior to commencing work. Use Fog City as your go to contractor for all your Fire Protection Services. 

Fire Protection

We offer residential and commercial Fire Protection services for fireproofing steel beams or posts. Fog City uses an industry standard mixer & pump to spray out your cementitious or gypsum based Fireproofing package. Send us your plans and we'll provide a free estimate. We'll handle all your special inspections and make sure your installation is constructed to current applicable building & fire code. 


About Us

Fog City Fire Protection has 25+ years in the fire protection industry and over 40 years of experience in the construction realm. We design all our fire protections systems in-house, our lead designer is onsite everyday and will get started designing your system the same day you send it to us. Our lead superintendents have over 25 years of residential & commercial experience and will make sure your installation goes according to plan. We employ a trained crew of fireproofing installers & use our own equipment. We cover Northern California and offer free estimates. Give Fog City a call for all of your Fire Protection needs.


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We're fully licensed, bonded & insured. Choose Fog City for all Fire Protection Services.

Team Player

Fog City is a team player with every side of the equation. We work for home or business owners, architects as well as sub contractors and owners representatives.


We are a full service Fire Protection company. We can design & install your Fire Sprinklers as well as fireproof your project, whether it is residential or commercial. 

"After working with Bryan on our design, Carlos came out and installed our sprinklers exactly how we wanted them. He took the time to modify a few head locations so my husband didn't have a sprinkler by his TV. We couldn't be happier."

Nora Hoffman

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Service Area:

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